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Way back in the day, as legend has it, there were 3 young, male lions who were viciously competing to rule their pride as King. Until, one day, they decided to stop working against each other and rule the pride together, as a team. Their Monarchy was highly successful and prospered for many years more then it would have if they ruled individually.

What I have learned from this experience is that by working together, we can overcome obstacles as a team. By operating in this mind set, success is accomplished more than what could ever be individually.

The opportunities are endless.

Therefore, I started Card Leo Rewards!

– Moe Williams, Founder


Moe Williams, the Founder and CEO of Card Leo Rewards was born in Hopkins Kentucky and raised in Lexington Kentucky, the thoroughbred capital of the world. Moe Williams developed a love and passion for thoroughbred racehorses. Moe Williams is the youngest of two (2) children. He has an older sister named Monica Williams. His mother Marethia Williams is a retired Colonel in the military. Moe Williams went to the University of Kentucky where he broke many school records. Moe Williams was drafted in the 3rd round by the Minnesota Vikings. Moe Williams played ten (10) years in the NFL. He is the father of three (3) beautiful kids! He is a licensed thoroughbred horse trainer racking up many win pictures. He was the head coach of his son’s youth football team that won a Championship and went almost three (3) years without losing a single game! Moe Williams was the volunteer running back coach at the University of Kentucky where he helped coach two (2) thousand yard rushers. Moe Williams Coached the MVP of the Collegiate Bowl. Moe Williams has a winning attitude and a winning record in almost everything he has done!